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April 19, 2023

Will It Hurt to Have Invisalign Attachments Removed?

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patient holding Invisalign tray and smiling

If you’re considering Invisalign treatment to straighten your teeth, you may have heard about Invisalign attachments. These attachments are sometimes used as part of the treatment process to achieve optimal results. Once your treatment has been completed, the attachments will be removed. You may be wondering: does this hurt? Continue reading as we will explore what Invisalign attachments are, how they work, and what you can expect during the treatment process.


April 6, 2023

Can I Get Invisalign If I Grind My Teeth?

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person holding clear aligner tray

Invisalign is a popular orthodontic treatment that uses clear aligners to straighten teeth. If you’re dealing with bruxism, the involuntary grinding or clenching of teeth, you may be wondering if Invisalign is a suitable orthodontic treatment option for you. Invisalign has gained popularity for its discreet and removable aligners, but can they withstand the forces associated with teeth grinding? Continue reading as we explore the effects of bruxism on Invisalign and discuss whether it’s possible to undergo this orthodontic treatment while managing bruxism.


March 29, 2023

Why Cosmetic Dentistry Isn’t Painful at All

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Young adult smiling beautifully.

Cosmetic dentistry encompasses many different dental treatments that have one thing in common: they can make your smile look absolutely incredible! Whether you just need your smile brightened, your teeth straightened, or a complete transformation, a good dentist can give you the teeth you’ve always wanted.

However, some people are intimidated by these procedures, wondering if there’s any pain involved in changing the appearance of their smile. Thankfully, there isn’t too much to worry about—cosmetic dentistry is usually completely painless! If you aren’t convinced, here are some of the most common cosmetic treatments, and why they don’t involve any pain.


3 Ways a Smile can Improve your Life

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young adults smiling

Dentists are interested in giving you the best smile you can get, and that can make a massive difference in your life. Your teeth play a role in just about everything you do daily, but it’s also the case that smiling in itself can make a massive positive impact on how you feel.

Studies show that smiling has a variety of benefits to both your health and your mood. If you want to know what the science says, here’s a little bit more information.


February 25, 2023

Time to Put These 5 Myths about Cosmetic Dentistry to Rest!

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a woman smiling happily at her dentist after her cosmetic treatment

A bright, genuine smile can have a wonderful impact on other people. If someone is having a bad day, your random grin can brighten their day. As a matter of fact, studies have shown that smiling is contagious: it triggers an automatic muscular response which, in turn, causes them to grin! However, you may have a dental flaw that can make you hide your pearly whites. As you consider upgrading your smile with cosmetic dental treatments, it’s important to set some misconceptions about it straight. With accurate information, you’ll be prepared to explore your options for achieving a smile you’ll love and be willing to share!


February 7, 2023

Veneers or Dental Bonding: Which Is the Best Choice for You?

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a woman with her dentist and smiling at her cosmetic treatment

Are you wanting to transform your smile? Modern advancements in cosmetic dentistry have made it more possible than ever to improve your pearly whites. There are two main options that can provide natural and long-lasting results: veneers and dental bonding. However, you want to choose the best one for your personal dental goals. Read on to learn about the difference between these cosmetic dental treatments and the factors to consider when searching for the right solution for your grin.


January 16, 2023

Just What is a Diastema?

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Close-up of a smile with a gap between front teeth

As you might know, not all tooth problems stem from plaque and bacteria. Some have more to do with your smile’s crookedness or misalignment. In fact, a good example of the latter is a gap between front teeth. Developing that issue, you see, could worsen your looks and confidence. Fortunately, cosmetic dental work can fix such gaps with its treatments. Your local Tulsa dentist can even prove this fact. Here is a summary of diastemas and how cosmetic procedures can treat them.


January 12, 2023

Is There an Age Limit for Cosmetic Dentistry?

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A senior man visiting his cosmetic dentist

Once you get up in years, starting to “age out” of certain activities is natural. For instance, you may not run as vigorously or drive your car as before. Given that fact, you may believe there’ll be a day when you’re too old to see a cosmetic dentist. The truth, though, is that there’s no such thing! Cosmetic dentistry has no upper age limit, so you’ll never be too old for it. To prove that claim, here’s a summary of the matter from your local Tulsa practice.


December 20, 2022

Questions to Ask Your Cosmetic Dentist at Your Consultation

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A dentist talking with a patient during a cosmetic dental consultation

So, you’re going to see your dentist for a cosmetic dental consultation? That’s some really great news! After all, cosmetic dentistry can make your smile look better than ever — whiter, brighter, and more. Still, have you thought of any questions to ask at this visit? You really should, as they’ll help ensure you get the best care possible. If you haven’t, though, your Tulsa dental practice has you covered. Here are three crucial questions to bring up at your upcoming cosmetic consultation.


December 12, 2022

4 Invisalign Tips to Stay on Track During the Holidays  

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smiling patient with Invisalign during the holidays

Invisalign has helped millions of people all over the world straighten their smiles. This popular alternative to traditional braces is removable as well as virtually invisible, which means that you can eat almost anything without issue while discretely straightening your smile. For many Invisalign wearers, the holidays can be a tricky time. So, if you need some help making it through the season, continue reading to learn four Invisalign tips that will do just that.

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