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February 3, 2021

How to Know Your Child Needs a Frenectomy

Filed under: Uncategorized — dr_nauman @ 8:43 pm
a young girl wearing denim overalls smiles after undergoing a frenectomy in Tulsa

When speaking, eating, and self-confidence are hindered because of a lip or tongue tie, you may feel hopeless as a parent. Learning your child needs a frenectomy in Tulsa should not cause you to feel stressed or overwhelmed. In fact, it is often a relief to learn there is a solution that can help improve your child’s oral function. But how can you know for sure that a frenectomy is what they need? Read on to hear from a trusted dentist who shares what you can look for that will point you toward seeking professional help.


December 3, 2020

What New COVID-19 Precautions Is the Dental Office Taking?

Filed under: Uncategorized — dr_nauman @ 11:58 pm
Masked woman having her temperature taken

If you’ve been to the dental office recently, you probably had your temperature taken among a few other precautions. But this leaves you with plenty of questions. Why do you have to have your temperature checked? Why do you have to leave your gloves in the car? Why is a mask necessary for you to come into the office? It may seem like a lot to take on all at once, but these precautions are here to help keep the community safe, even if some of them seem silly at first. Read on to see what a dentist in Tulsa has to say about these questions about COVID-19 dental safety precautions so you can see why they’re so important.


November 19, 2020

3 Ways to Maximize Your 2020 Dental Insurance Benefits Today

Filed under: Uncategorized — dr_nauman @ 4:26 pm
Person holding tooth in one hand and coins in the other

Although dental plans vary from person to person, they typically have one thing in common: they reset in January. Therefore, there are only a few weeks left to prevent your unused coverage from turning into wasted dollars when the clock strikes midnight. Fortunately, you can prevent that from happening by using the below tips to maximize your dental insurance benefits today!


October 22, 2020

4 Health Consequences of Not Treating Your Sleep Apnea

Filed under: Uncategorized — dr_nauman @ 4:07 pm
Closeup of clipboard with the words sleep apnea

According to the American Sleep Association, a whopping 25 million U.S. adults have sleep apnea. Perhaps more alarming, roughly 80% of cases go undiagnosed. Since this disorder can do more than wreak havoc on your sleep, it is important to seek treatment for sleep apnea in Tulsa as soon as you experience common symptoms (i.e., daytime drowsiness, morning headaches, etc.). Otherwise, it can impact your overall health in the form of the below conditions.


September 26, 2020

How to Recognize If Your Dental Implant Is Failing

Filed under: Uncategorized — dr_nauman @ 5:48 pm
woman in pain experiencing dental implant failure in Tulsa

These days, you have a lot of options to choose from when it comes to replacing missing teeth. More and more people are beginning to recognize the benefits that dental implants have over alternative choices. For example, because they are firmly embedded into the jawbone, they have a success rate of more than 95%, even after decades. However, there is still a small chance that your implant could fail. In this blog, we explore how to identify (and prevent) dental implant failure in Tulsa.


August 7, 2020

Why You Should Never Feel Embarrassed at the Dentist’s Office

Filed under: Uncategorized — dr_nauman @ 4:44 pm
a young woman holding her hands over her mouth out of embarrassment at the dentist’s office

Are you contemplating putting off your upcoming dental appointment because you’re worried you’ll be judged by your dentist and team members? This common feeling is what keeps many adults from receiving the care they need to avoid more serious problems in the future. In reality, there is no need to be embarrassed at the dentist. Why? Because they’re your friend and greatest ally when it comes to combatting tooth decay, gum disease, and even bad breath. Before you opt to hide in shame, learn what your dentist is really thinking and how they can help you on your path to better oral health.


July 7, 2020

What Happens If I Don’t Get My Wisdom Teeth Out When I Should?

Filed under: Uncategorized — dr_nauman @ 8:50 pm
Woman hand on cheek wonders about wisdom teeth removal in Tulsa

Has your dentist recently suggested that you have your wisdom teeth removed? If you can’t even see or feel these teeth yet, you may be wondering if it’s really necessary to have them removed. However, your dentist will typically only recommend this common type of tooth extraction if it will save you an extensive amount of time, money, and discomfort in the long run. Here’s what you need to know about your developing third molars and why wisdom teeth removal in Tulsa is a smart choice when recommended by your dentist.


June 17, 2020

What to do If Your Dental Crown Falls Out

Filed under: Uncategorized — dr_nauman @ 6:59 pm
Woman with lost dental crown in Tulsa covers mouth with hand

A dental crown is a durable, tooth-shaped cap that can improve the strength, shape, and appearance of a tooth. In most cases, these versatile restorations can last 10-15 years or more. However, they’re not impervious to accidents that may damage, loosen, or knock them out of place. Typically, a lost dental crown in Tulsa is not a dental emergency, but you should always call your dentist right away to be sure. Here’s a step-by-step guide to keep your smile safe if your dental crown falls off.


May 4, 2020

What Personal Protective Equipment is Your Dentist Wearing to Combat COVID-19?

Filed under: Uncategorized — dr_nauman @ 2:34 am
a dentist wearing protective eyewear, lab coat, and a face mask

Before COVID-19, could you honestly say you knew what the term “personal protective equipment” meant? Unless you worked in the healthcare field, you likely wondered what PPE stood for and how it pertained to a rapidly spreading virus. Now that it has become common within households throughout the world, you may be curious to know how they are playing a role in other areas apart from hospitals and doctor’s offices. In your local dental office, your dentist and team members are relying on these methods of protection to keep everyone better protected from harmful bacteria and airborne particles. So which ones are most important? Let your dentist in Tulsa explain.


April 28, 2020

How Telemedicine Increases Access to Sleep Apnea Therapy

Filed under: Uncategorized — dr_nauman @ 6:04 pm

woman in yellow shirt attending telemedicine appointment on her tabletTelemedicine has been around for quite a while now, but it is becoming ever more important as people do their best to comply with social distancing recommendations. But what about dentistry? Can certain services be completed digitally? Yes. In fact, at Glisten Dental, we are now offering remote sleep apnea appointments. In this blog post, you’ll learn more about the benefits of telemedicine and how we can get you on the path to better sleep without you having to visit our office.


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