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Dr. Nauman's Blog

October 6, 2018

Step Up Your Dental Hygiene Routine This October

Filed under: Uncategorized — dr_nauman @ 6:52 pm

oral hygiene suppliesThis month is when most people are indulging in pumpkin-flavored goodies and planning for various celebrations. But did you know that October is also National Dental Hygiene Month? It’s the perfect time to evaluate how your daily habits affect your smile’s health and cleanliness. Let’s talk about how you can get into the spirit of this annual observance and perhaps even make improvements to your daily routine for dental hygiene in Tulsa.


August 9, 2018

Skipping Routine Visits With a Dentist in Tulsa? It Could Be Costing You!

Filed under: Uncategorized — dr_nauman @ 5:42 pm

Woman getting a dental exam Are you one of the many people who neglect scheduling your bi-annual dental visits? You’re not alone – many people have one of the 3 following reasons: time, money or pain. But the truth is that skipping visits with a dentist in Tulsa can actually cost more time and money (not to mention pain) in the long run! In this blog, you’ll learn why dental checkups are so important and how they benefit the whole family. Learn more below!


July 8, 2018

Can You Get Invisalign in Tulsa On the Top or Bottom Teeth Only?

Filed under: Uncategorized — dr_nauman @ 7:53 pm

Clear tray propped on its caseMost of us take our bite for granted, but the way our teeth come together is actually quite complicated! Not only can you easily detect any changes in your bite down to a fraction of a millimeter, but those changes can actually damage your teeth and jaws if they aren’t done properly. That’s why orthodontic treatment, whether it’s braces or Invisalign in Tulsa, must be done with both function and appearance in mind. If you’re interested in straightening your teeth with Invisalign, you might be wondering if you can have it done on only your top or bottom teeth. Find out what type of patients that can work for and also learn about the many advantages of Invisalign in this blog!


June 12, 2018

Why Your Child May Need a Frenectomy in Tulsa

Filed under: Uncategorized — dr_nauman @ 5:32 pm

Does your infant have a frenulum that connects down towards the gum line? Do they struggle when breastfeeding because of issues with latching? Your dentist is always aware of what’s happening in her own children’s mouths, so when she noticed one of her children had this issue, she knew her dental education would come to good use.

Now, anyone can get a frenectomy in Tulsa thanks to her practice.


June 3, 2018

Missing Teeth? Restore Your Smile with Dental Implants in Tulsa

Filed under: Uncategorized — dr_nauman @ 3:45 pm

woman smiling preparing to eat appleLife without your teeth is not easy. Along with losing the ability to eat the foods you love, you also suffer from decreased self-esteem and bone loss. You’ve learned that you can restore your smile with dentures, but you’d like to have a procedure done that provides you with more stability and permanence. “Does such a procedure exist?” You wonder. Your local dentist says dental implants in Tulsa are exactly what you’re looking for. As you read on, you’ll learn more about them and how they can be used in conjunction with dentures.


May 14, 2018

What Your Diet Will Look Like When Wearing Invisalign in Tulsa

Filed under: Uncategorized — dr_nauman @ 5:38 pm

A woman removing her clear aligners.Many adult and teenaged patients wonder what they’re allowed to eat when undergoing Invisalign treatment. This questions stems from the usual pitfalls associated with traditional metal braces, which require patients to make dramatic changes to their diet to accommodate the additional hardware. Luckily, that is simply not the case with Invisalign in Tulsa.

If you have a professional image you need to maintain or simply don’t want to have braces during your high school years, keep reading.


May 6, 2018

Why to Schedule Visits to Your Dentist in Tulsa in the Summer

Filed under: Uncategorized — dr_nauman @ 4:51 pm

A smiling family.Getting your entire family to their dental visits can be a difficult task, especially if you have a big family who’s always busy. The kids may have after-school activities and older members may not have time due to their work schedules. That’s why your dentist in Tulsa is recommending that families visit during the summer and winter months.

During these seasons, your kids have much more free time and other members are more inclined to get treatments done. To find out more reasons, keep reading.


April 4, 2018

5 Diseases You Didn’t Know Your Dentist in Tulsa Could Catch

Filed under: Uncategorized — dr_nauman @ 10:57 pm

A woman at her dental visit.More and more dentists across the country are emphasizing how important regular dental visits are, but not for the reason you would think. Turns out, many diseases carry markers that are visible in the mouth, which is great news for your dentist in Tulsa. With any disease, whether it’s oral cancer or heart disease, the key to getting the best treatment isn’t only about having the best doctor or the best medicine. It’s also about catching it early. The earlier disease is caught, the better the treatment will be overall.

Here are five diseases you may not have known your dentist can catch.


March 14, 2018

How Your Dentist in Tulsa Uses X-Rays to Provide a Diagnosis

Filed under: Uncategorized — dr_nauman @ 12:47 am

A panoramic X-ray.A few patients have expressed concern in the past about receiving dental X-rays because of the radiation they give off. However, according to your dentist in Tulsa, many leaps in technology have allowed this radiation to be significantly reduced, so the risk of not being able to provide a proper diagnosis far outweighs the risk of exposure to X-rays. Furthermore, without a clear picture of what’s happening inside your mouth, we can’t know for sure if there are underlying issues the naked eye can’t see. That’s why your dentist is writing about the many benefits of X-rays and how they can help you and your family avoid dental disease.


March 5, 2018

3 Reasons Your Dentist in Tulsa Says You Should Invest in Your Mouth

Filed under: Uncategorized — dr_nauman @ 12:12 am

An illustration of dental implants.Over the years, it becomes more and more likely that your teeth will start becoming loose. Eventually, they may even fall out, making the foods you used to eat more difficult than before. However, losing a few teeth does much more than affect your diet. Many patients report changes in their appearance and their ability to do other tasks besides eating. According to your dentist in Tulsa, there is a solution for your mouth that’s worth investing in, especially for the long-term.

To learn how dental implants can change your life for the better, keep reading.


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