Kysse Lip Filler – Tulsa, OK

Keep Your Youthful Appearance

Wrinkles are something that will happen to all of us as we grow older. However, many people would prefer to delay this natural process for as long as possible. Today, there are a variety of options that can help you to keep you young. A very common and easy step is getting Kysse Lip Filler. By plumping up certain areas of your face using Revanesse Versa, you can achieve a more youthful appearance. To learn more about Kysse Lip Filler or to schedule a consultation, give us a call!

Why Choose Glisten Dental Care of Tulsa for Kysse Lip Filler?

  • Close Attention to Detail
  • Focus on Quality Patient Care
  • State-of-the-Art Techniques and Technology

What is Kysse Lip Filler?

Dentist injecting dermal filler

Kysse Lip Filler are often put in the same category as BOTOX which can be confusing. Dental fillers are used to restore lost collagen caused by aging, while BOTOX works by relaxing muscles that are being overworked. Ultimately, dermal fillings result in a “plumping” effect rather than “smoothing” like BOTOX would provide.

Kysse Lip Filler are just collagen that can be injected into sunken areas of the face, commonly the cheeks and jaw area. Each injection only takes about 5-10 minutes, and patients are able to return to work afterward. The results you see can last anywhere from 3-9 months.

Who is a Good Candidate for Kysse Lip Filler?

Woman having filler injected into her cheek

You likely make a good candidate for Kysse Lip Filler if you are in your late 20s or older, physically healthy, a nonsmoker, and committed to maintaining the health of your skin. Dental fillers can address a variety of flaws and insecurities that patients have. Here are some of the most common uses for this treatment:

  • Removing sunken shadows under the eyes
  • Decreasing undereye wrinkles
  • Plumping thinning lips
  • Filling in shallow-looking facial areas
  • Minimizing the appearance of acne scars
  • Filling in wrinkles around the mouth and cheeks
  • Reducing the appearance of recessed scarring

The Benefits of Kysse Lip Filler

Woman having filler injected into the jaw

There are a variety of benefits associated with Kysse Lip Filler. Here are some of the most prominent:

  • Quick Appointment: This procedure can usually be completed in a half-hour visit.
  • Fast Results: Results appear within 2 weeks and can last anywhere from 3-9 months.
  • Natural Appearance: No one will be wondering if you’ve had work done – the results are subtle and natural-looking.
  • Increased Confidence: With a more youthful appearance comes more confidence!