July 11, 2016

Difference Between At-Home and In-Office Teeth Whitening

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cosmetic dentist inTulsa OKIf you have a dull and discolored smile, you’ve probably considered teeth whitening. When it comes to whitening your teeth, you now have multiple options available. With the ease and accessibility of over-the-counter whitening kits, many turn to this option because it’s easy and affordable. However, most come to find that they don’t achieve the results they wanted. Professional teeth whitening from your cosmetic dentist in Tulsa OK is the best option to drastically reverse tooth discoloration. Professional teeth whitening works far better than at-home whitening kits because of the specially formulated whitening agents.

Understanding Tooth Discoloration

Tooth discoloration is a natural part of the aging process; however, discoloration is also due to lifestyle habits, poor oral care, and even certain medical conditions. In order to successfully reverse tooth discoloration, the underlying cause of the discoloration must be determined to use the most appropriate treatment. For those who have surface stains, at-home whitening kits may work to a certain extent. However, if discoloration is caused from an underlying oral health problem originating from the inside of the tooth, you’ll need professional whitening.

At-Home vs. In-Office Whitening

Over-the-counter whitening treatments now come in a wide array of products, such as whitening strips, toothpastes, gum, and even brush-on applications. No matter the type of whitening kit you choose, it’s important to understand that not all whitening kits are the same. The most effective at-home kits are those that have the ADA Seal of Acceptance, but even these products aren’t as effective as in-office treatments.

In-office whitening treatments are more effective because the whitening gels contain a higher concentration of the whitening agent allowing them to deeply penetrate the enamel. Not to mention, you’re able to get more concise results with a large degree of discoloration removal. We use the KoR system, which not only whitens the teeth, but produces little to no tooth sensitivity. The professional grade product and customized whitening trays will give you professional results, but as a take-home kit. You’re able to get the drastic results you want from the comfort of your own home and the same convenience as over-the-counter whitening kits.

In as little as two weeks, you’ll have amazing whiter teeth using the specially formulated whitening gel. You’ll achieve the same drastic and lasting results as if you were to have an in-office treatment. While you could still choose to use the more affordable option with over-the-counter whitening kits, you won’t achieve the same results. Plus, any result you do see, won’t last and will take a great deal of time to achieve.

Your Cosmetic Dentist in Tulsa OK

If you’re ready to brighten your smile, don’t waste your money on over-the-counter whitening kits. Benefit from professional level results with our option for teeth whitening in Tulsa OK. You’ll enjoy the convenience of an over-the-counter kit while achieve the stunning results of an in-office treatment. Call your cosmetic dentist in Tulsa OK today at (918) 528-7569 to see if our at-home whitening kit is right for you.

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