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The Benefits of Tulsa, OK Cosmetic Dentistry

You deserve to feel confident, attractive, and satisfied with your smile. Living with teeth that diminish your confidence, rather than build it up, can have a detrimental effect on many parts of your life. Hiding the smile makes you look timid or unfriendly, and certainly doesn't send a confident vibe. There is no reason to live with a dull or unattractive smile when there are so many wonderful cosmetic dental treatments available.

Cosmetic dentist, Dr. Nauman, is committed to patient care, whether she is repairing a damaged tooth or is brightening a dulled smile. We understand that every treatment we provide effects the overall appearance of the smile and are careful to use the most appropriate materials for long-lasting function and a natural look. By working with Dr. Nauman you can experience not only the dramatic transformation of the smile but also many hidden benefits, such as:

Better Oral Health

When we set out to improve the look of a patient's smile we also evaluate the health of teeth and gums, as treating an unhealthy mouth will impact the comfort and longevity of cosmetic treatment. Although many people undergo treatment with Invisalign or Six Month Smiles as a way to improve the look of the smile, this treatment also leads to easier brushing, flossing, and improved oral health.


In some instances, fixing cosmetic problems relieves strain on the jaw or on the teeth themselves. Teeth that are misaligned, for instance, may not share the brunt of pressure when we chew our food. This imbalance places undue stress on the teeth and on the joints at the back of the jaw. Reaching a state of alignment relieves stress and improves comfort.

Positive Self-Image

Our smiles are the central focus on our face and the appearance of teeth is difficult to mask. Correcting cosmetic concerns allows you to love the look of your smile and therefore view yourself differently.

Greater Confidence

In surveys on the subject of the smile, 75 percent of respondents reported that the smile has a direct impact on success at work, social and romantic settings. When you like the look of your smile you tend to feel more confident in yourself, which carries over to all of your endeavors.

Restored Vitality

Teeth that have been dulled by years of exposure to staining agents such as coffee or red wine, age the smile. Missing teeth age the entire face. Handling these problems, which seem primarily cosmetic, rejuvenate the smile and fill facial contours so that you retain your most vibrant aesthetic.

Enhanced Experiences

When you are unhappy with your smile, your ability to engage fully in each and every moment is diminished. Correcting cosmetic issues, no matter how small or large, will allow you to take your attention off of your cosmetic concerns and place them outward, into the moment you are experiencing. The confidence that you feel in your smile extends into your interactions, and promotes them to a whole new level.

Enjoy your smile to the fullest. Contact Glisten Dental and let Dr. Angie Nauman help you improve your smile.

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