July 24, 2019

Summer is the Perfect Time for Wisdom Tooth Extractions

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Impacted wisdom toothIf there’s a teenager in your family, they’re probably enjoying their summer vacation right now; relaxation is the only thing on their minds. However, summer could also be an excellent opportunity to have their wisdom teeth removed. This procedure is usually necessary to avoid a lot of pain and oral health complications. Here’s why you should take advantage of the break from school to schedule wisdom tooth extractions for the teens in your family.

Why are Wisdom Tooth Extractions Important?

Wisdom teeth – also called third molars – come in around the ages of 15 to 20, long after all the other permanent teeth have already erupted. In many cases, there simply isn’t enough room in the mouth to accommodate the new molars. The other teeth are pushed out of place, leading to misalignment – not only is this very painful, but it could also erase years of previous orthodontic work.

Oftentimes, wisdom teeth won’t even erupt at all, instead becoming impacted. This can lead to several issues, including:

  • Constant mouth pain
  • An increased risk of infection in the second molar
  • Cysts that can damage the jawbone, teeth and nerves

Wisdom teeth may also only partially erupt, making them difficult to clean effectively; this means you’re more likely to suffer from cavities and gum disease in that area.

To avoid these issues, an extraction is usually recommended. Roughly 85% of patients with wisdom teeth need to have them removed.

Why Should Wisdom Teeth Be Extracted During the Summer?

It can be difficult for teens or young adults to have a wisdom tooth extraction while attending high school or college; this is because in addition to the actual surgery itself, some time off for recovery is also usually required. By having the procedure done in summer, your teen won’t have to stress about making up missed classes or catching up on homework. They also won’t need to miss out on other school activities such as sports.

Furthermore, summer tends to be a good time for relaxation in general after oral surgery. You can sit outside in the fresh air or enjoy cool, soft foods such as smoothies or ice cream. And since teens tend to be more relaxed during their breaks from school, they may also have a better attitude overall about the recovery process, making it more pleasant overall for everyone.

Of course, an extraction is only really necessary at a certain point; in fact, some people never develop any wisdom teeth at all. That’s one reason why it’s important to make sure your teen is keeping up with their regular dental appointments. During these visits, impacted wisdom teeth and other potential oral problems can be detected quickly so that the right steps can be taken to protect your teen’s beautiful smile.

About the Practice

At Glisten Dental, we want to make sure your entire family enjoys dazzling, healthy teeth. We offer wisdom tooth extractions for young people to help them avoid the associated discomfort and health problems; we can also remove teeth that are too damaged to be saved. To schedule a regular appointment or a tooth extraction at our Tulsa practice, visit our website or call (918) 254-8686.

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